Craving holidays and dont want to spend your off days in UAE’s hot summer? here are 8 places that could inspire your next trip in Eid Al Adha 2016 considering you have only 4 to 7 days off:

PS the below mentioned costs are based on the declared online prices from 8 to 13th of September, prices may differ at the time of booking.

Tblisi, Georgia

Flight time: 3.5 hours

Flight cost: less than 3,000 AED (Flydubai)

Hotel Costs: Starting from 350 AED/night

Georgia’s ancient and vibrant capital city spreads out on both banks of the Mtkvari River, beautiful weather at this time of the year and great escape in Eid due to the close location and short flight time. you will enjoy a rich history and wonderful nature.

Salalah, Oman

Flight time: 2 hours

Flight cost: less than 1,500 AED (Oman Air & Fly Dubai)

Hotel Costs: Starting from 200 AED

Salalah, the capital of the Dhofar region, is a colourful, subtropical city that owes much of its character to Oman’s former territories in East Africa


Baku, Azrebijan

Flight time: 3 hours

Flight cost: less than 1,500 AED (Azrebijan & Qatar airways)

Hotel Costs: Starting from 400 AED/night

Azerbaijan’s capital is the architectural love child of Paris and Dubai…albeit with plenty of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. Few cities in the world are changing as quickly and nowhere else in Eurasia do East and West blend as seamlessly or as chaotically.

Beirut, Lebanon

Flight time: 4 hours

Flight cost: less than 2,000 AED (Flydubai)

Hotel Costs: Starting from 400 AED/night

Famously known for its energetic nightlife (try the Jumayzeh district), along with historic ruins and beautiful scenery, Beirut is also known as ‘The Paris of The Middle East’. Zaytouna Bay near Ashrafeey eh is perfect for afternoon lunch and the Riviera Beach Club is great spot to take in a leisurely swim and refreshments.

Istanbul, Turkey

Flight time: 5 hours

Flight cost: less than 2,000 AED (Pegasus Airlines)

Hotel Costs: Starting from 200 AED/night

Summer is the best time to visit Istanbul because the weather is nice, many traditional places are open, and you can have fun outside by taking a ferry tour of all the visitor hot spots.

You can see Istanbul best from the top of the Hagia Sofia. The massive sixth-century structure, which first served as a Christian basilica and later as an imperial mosque, is now a museum.

Viena, Austria

Flight time: 5.5 hours

Flight cost: less than 2,000 AED (Turkish Airlines)

Hotel Costs: Starting from 350 AED/night

The Austrian capital is famous for its classical music, opera, art, museums and palaces. First-time visitors needn’t venture far beyond the central, pedestrian-friendly Opernring (the innermost ring road), home to the grand Hofburg Palace, the Hapsburg’s winter residence, as well as the world-famous opera house, gothic St Stephen’s Cathedral, Albertina gallery and beautiful Palmenhaus greenhouse. But it’s worth venturing further, exploring the city on foot or via its iconic red trams – and be sure to stop off for regular refuels at Vienna’s countless independent cafés serving great coffee and some of the best pastries and sweets you’ll find in Europe.

Prague, Czech Republic

Flight time: 5.5 hours

Flight cost: less than 1,500 AED Smartwings

Hotel Costs: Starting from 300 AED/night

Boasting baroque architecture, a pre-gothic castle, beautiful cobbled streets and a plethora of museums and galleries, the city Kafka once called home is a bohemian melting pot. The Czech capital is also a great spot for picking up designer goods among the numerous swanky stores. Or you could simply take advantage of some of the more affordable food and shopping available.


Bucharest, Romania

Flight time: 5 hours

Flight cost: less than 2,000 AED Flydubai

Hotel Costs: Starting from 250 AED/night

Romania’s capital gets a bad rap, but in fact it’s dynamic, energetic and quite fun. It’s where still-unreconstructed communism meets unbridled capitalism; where the soporific forces of the EU meet the passions of the Balkans and Middle East.


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