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  • 6 Must See Greek Islands Forget about ordinary vacations! Let’s sail together and enjoy the beauty of Greek islands! Did you hear about the Cyclades islands? If you are not, in this sailing adventure you will find out all about them. With its stunning scenery, mouth-watering food, fascinating history and wonderful weather, it’s not hard

    If you love traveling as much as we do, there’s a high chance that you spend all of your free time researching new and exciting places to go and things to do. After all, life is no fun without a sense of adventure thrown into the mix. While you might have a destination in mind

    Whether you’ve decided to fly, drive or take a train to your destination, travelling in the fall is one of the best decisions you could ever make! The weather is pleasant, the hot summer days are over, the tourists have returned to their homes and the prices are back to normal. That’s why fall is

    Asian culture is like no other in the world, so it’s not a surprise that travelling around Asia is on many travellers’ bucket list. There are so many things you can do there, from enjoying the breath-taking scenery to socialising with the locals. In short, you could stay there for months, and you still wouldn’t

    Must See Uganda and its wildlife! Driving around in search for animals like lions, primates, gorillas ? Not a everyday activity, but a big wish for many. Uganda is the home of Africa’s tallest mountain range, the Rwenzoris, the world’s longest river that reaches all the way to Egypt and the continent’s largest lake. How should

    Must see in beautiful Croatia  There are so many place to be explored in Croatia. You will be surprised by this country nature and original charm. And of course, lets not forget how many islands are there to be discovered. First stop while in Croatia, the capital – Zagreb Zagreb is the capital and the

      Mount Kilimanjaro is situated in the Northern part of Tanzania, in the Kilimanjaro National Park. It covers an area of 100 kilometers long and 65 kilometers wide. Being near the equator, it can be climbed most anytime of the year however the biggest consideration is the rainy season in the winter so summer is

    Why Santorini is the most beautiful greek island ? Is Santorini on your bucket list destinations to travel this summer? Awesome. Santorini was on my list too and after seeing it I can say it was what I expected and more. This island is simply beautiful! The place where taking pictures never ends ! So, while

    Go with the wind … Go sailing Are you planning on discover some islands this summer? Perfect. Thats on everybodys list just because its so awesome. Best way to explore the islands, relax and have some fun in the same time is to go sailing, no matter what islands you plan to discover. Here is